couple issues with djecks dx
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Author:  dkproductions [ Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  couple issues with djecks dx

been playing around with it since testing stop at pcdj. I'm really disappointed because you have a great program here and I was excited to use video and karaoke with it. Hopefully I can help here. I've already posted some feedback on the mac thread. Anyways here's what I've found.

Using the hc4500 here by the way

1. as in the original dex, Miss the ability to change the effects that are assigned to each effect button and being able to scroll through basic effects on button 1. DUMP, Reverse, Brake etc...

2. with the echo feature I use it alot but one thing that was always missing. While you can gradually increase the echo moving the jog wheel while the track is playing, pressing the Param knob to turn on instantly to echo should also pause the movement of the track until released by pressing Param again. Would LOVE this...would be able to do more house techno remixes of basic tracks using this.

3. pressing A2 would activate "stored loops" and then pressing memo would allow you to save loops. This is missing

4. when setting a loop press and holding A1 and moving the jog allows you to move the loop position. Pressing and holding B would allow you to adjust the loop length. This is missing

5. Being able to use Flip+Playlist do switch decks isn't there either.

6. FLIP+Back should switch only between the library/playlist and not the folder list. FLIP+turning Param already changes folders and then pressing FLIP+param load folder.

7. in the samplers if you click the left button next to each of the bpms for each sample bank it let's you choose the sound output. while you can "unlink" to a specific deck, you can't unlink to a specific output so if the deck is different from the output sound will come out of two outputs. Also what's missing from the original build, on the 4500 if you activated the sample back on deck one sound for all samples came out of deck 1 and the same would apply to deck 2, 3 and 4. Can you add the option to link the samples to the active deck (the deck the samples are being activated and played from)?

Also what happened to the dunks1984 skin. Need something with 4 players support.
Can't wait to be able to use this live.

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